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Andrew Tribute’s drupa review

Sonntag, Juni 8th, 2008

Andy gave us an exhaustive review on “his” drupa 2008 - we hope he’s still got something left to write about. What a pleasure to have him on the blog!

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From PS to PDF – Dov Isaacs, principal scientist Adobe Systems Incorporated

Freitag, Juni 6th, 2008

Well, what are you going to do if you meet one of the people that create some basic building blocks for the industry – ask him questions for sure. Dov gives us a high level view on the pdf print engine as well as some insight on his personal “way of print”. Thanks, Dov!

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fogra – The active participation of the drupa visitors is a main goal of the “Web2Proof-Project”

Montag, Juni 2nd, 2008

Rainer Pietzsch, Head of Department Public Relations/Sales and Andreas Kraushaar, Head of Department Vorstufentechnik introduces FOGRA and News, like a “Web2Proof”-project at drupa 2008.
Rainer Pietzsch, Abteilungsleiter Public Relations/Sales und Andreas Kraushaar, Abteilungsleiter Vorstufentechnik stellen im Podcast die FOGRA und Neuheiten auf der drupa 2008, wie zum Beispiel das “Web2Proof”-Projekt vor.

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“Cured gel inks will set a new benchmark for performance, print surface options and image quality” - Stephen P. Hoover

Sonntag, Juni 1st, 2008

Stephen P. Hoover, Vice President & Center Manager Xerox Research Center Webster, previewed a cured gel ink technology that prints on materials like plastic and foil, enabling digital printers to compete in areas like packaging to capture even more of the traditional offset print jobs.

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