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“Continuing what we are doing successfully!” – Carsten Knudsen, President and CEO of EskoArtwork

Freitag, Juni 6th, 2008

An @drupa team interviewed Carsten Knudsen, President and CEO of EskoArtwork. He spoke about the new company profile, current developments and future goals.
Ein @drupa-Team sprach mit Carsten Knudsen, Präsident und Geschäftsführer von EskoArtwork auf der drupa 2008. Er sprach über das neue Firmenprofil, aktuelle Entwicklungen und Zukunftspläne.

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Leaders in rip technology – Martin Bailey, CTO Global Graphics

Freitag, Juni 6th, 2008

Offering Jaws and Harlequin, Global Graphics keep a whole range of products to process PDF and other files (not only) for printing in their portfolio. Celebrating Harlequin’s 20th birthday, Martin Bailey, Chief technology officer, tells them apart and shares some of his visions on the future of ripping technology.
Mit Jaws und Harlequin bieten Global Graphics [...]

From PS to PDF – Dov Isaacs, principal scientist Adobe Systems Incorporated

Freitag, Juni 6th, 2008

Well, what are you going to do if you meet one of the people that create some basic building blocks for the industry – ask him questions for sure. Dov gives us a high level view on the pdf print engine as well as some insight on his personal “way of print”. Thanks, Dov!

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“There is still a huge need for education in colormanagement!” – Karl Koch, basICColor

Freitag, Juni 6th, 2008

BasICColor is a software company, developing software for various colormanagement applications. Besides introducing new developments of basICColor to an @drupa-team, Karl Koch, CEO from basICColor, also pointed out his opinion about the future development of colormanagement.
BasICColor ist eine Softwareentwicklungsfirma, die Software für die verschiedensten Farbmanagementapplikationen entwickelt und verkauft. Karl Koch, CEO von basICColor, stellte [...]

Martin Tschumi – Lüscher AG

Dienstag, Juni 3rd, 2008

Martin Tschumi, General Manager der Lüscher AG aus Gretzenbach (Schweiz), äußerte sich während der „Swiss Wine and Cheese Party“ auf der drupa 2008 zu den neuen, technischen Features ihrer CTP Belichter und den zukünftigen Vorhaben der Firma.

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